Conference Presentation

• A qualitative evaluation of Community Justice Forum from Restorative Justice and Peacemaking Criminology Perspectives, 72 Annual Conference of American Society of Criminology, New Orleans, USA, Nov 16-19, 2016
• Village Courts in Bangladesh: A Restorative Justice Perspective, European Forum for Restorative Justice and the Asia Pacific Forum for Restorative Justice, Istanbul Bilgi University, Istanbul, Turkey, Sept 5-7, 2016
• Community-based village courts in Bangladesh: Lessons for Canada’s restorative justice programs, National Restorative Justice Symposium, Québec City, Canada, Nov 16-17, 2015
• Restorative Justice in prison: Lessons for Bangladesh’s prison rehabilitation programs, International Conference on Broadening the Horizon of Restorative Justice, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Dhaka, Bangladesh; Aug 17-20, 2015.
• The Role of Faith Based Programs in Transforming the Lives of Young People Struggling with Addictions and Mental Health Issues, International ILEM Summer School (IISS), Konya, Turkey, Aug 1-9, 2015
• Victor’s Justice or Restorative Justice: Exploring the idea of values in transitional settings, 42nd Annual Conference of Western Society of Criminology, Phoenix, Arizona, USA; Feb 2015.
• A research based listening project: Exploring Restorative Practices in Chakma Indigenous Communities, 15th International Institute of Restorative Practice World Conference, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA; Aug 2012.